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  • Crop calendar with map-function
  • Crop development
  • Crop sizes
  • Harvest dates
  • Crop statistics


  • Price charts
  • Product news
  • Company news
  • Commodity information
  • Price Reporting Stations
  • Market developments
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  • Address procurement
  • Send offers
  • Create enquiries
  • Statistical assessment
  • Telephone assessment
  • Telephone follow up
  • Trade fair calendar
  • Event calendar
  • Click statistics


  • Sell directly over Dedere
  • Brokerage
  • Conclusion of sales
  • Quality management
  • Logistics
  • Dedere as a contractual partner
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Overview of membership options

Services Standard
(News package)
(Marketing package)
(Trading package)
Market news and commodity information on Novella Agri
Dedere Emporium
Price charts on Novella Agri
Price Information on Novella Agri
Commodities, Law and Regulations in Novella Agri
Import and export statistics in Novella Agri
Crop calendar
"The AUDITOR" commodity information service (weekly summary)
Unlimited Access to the Address Database (Mundus Agri)
Free sending of emails with Mundus Agri 3000 Mails/month
Statistical evaluation of your mailings
Free use of the address database (Mundus Agri)
Dedere Marketplace buying/selling
Minimum term and modification of the membership None 1 month 1 month 6 months
Company users per membership No limit 3 users
(+3 €/month for each additional user)
3 users
(+10 €/month for each additional user)
3 users
(+20 €/month for each additional user)
Price Free €39.00/month
(VAT excluded)
(VAT excluded)
(VAT excluded)
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  • How can I advertise my company?

    Ostentus is the advertising tool of the Dedere Ag. Profit from the IT expertise of the Dedere AG, which automatically and purposefully places your ads on the right platforms.

    Your advantages

    • Create your own campaigns with your logo based on international standard formats.
    • Set the price for your advertising campaign.
    • You only pay for unique clicks and openings.
    • You will receive detailed evaluations and statistics on the click rates and click behaviour.

    Please contact our support to find out more about Ostentus.

  • How can I create offers and enquiries?

    Dedere Emporium is your trading platform to quickly and efficiently offer or searchi for your products in the global market.

    Your advantages

    • Profit from preconfigured products, which render your offers and enquiries internationally comprehensible and comparable.
    • You can choose if you prefer to publish your offers and enquiries or if they are to be sent to selected business partners with the Mailmanager.
    • Receive detailed evaluations and analyses of the click behaviour as statistics and charts.
    • Expand your circle of business partners by resorting to our address recommendations.

    Please contact our support to find out more about Dedere Emporium.

  • How can I send offers and enquiries?

    The Mailmanager is the sending tool of the Dedere AG. Contact your customers and unlock new target groups with only a few clicks.

    Your advantages

    • Use professionally designed email templates for not only sending enquiries and offers but also i.e. invitations, greeting cards and much more.
    • Increase the range of your offers or enquiries and overcome language barriers by simply selecting the language in which you prefer to send your offers and enquiries.
    • Assess analysis and statistics to draw conclusions for your pricing and target groups.

    Pleasecontact our support to find out more about the Mailmanager.

  • How can I find my customers and suppliers?

    Forum Dedere is the address platform of the Dedere AG. Find new contacts in the Forum Dedere Shop.

    Your advantages

    • Filter according to product, value-added step, line of business and country in searching for new contacts.
    • Purchase preconfigured address lists that match your search profile.
    • Profit from continuous revalidation in renting categorised and classified addresses.
    • Your rented addresses include detailed information on the trading volume of the products, certificates, contact persons and much more.

    Please click here or contact our support to find out more about Forum Dedere.

  • Why do I need coins?

    Coins are the payment method of the Dedere AG.

    Your advantages

    • Pay only once and use the coins with the exception of the address lists of the Forum Dedere shop for all purchases on Dedere.
    • Receive discounts for buying coin packages.
    • View your current balance and invoices at any time.

    Please click here or contact our support to find out more about our currency Coins.

  • How can I become a correspondent?

    Become a correspondent for Novella Agri, the innovative news and information platform of the Dedere AG. We are looking for market participants to post market reports, prices and background information on a regular basis.

    Your advantages

    • You will be paid for your reports.
    • Your reports will be professionally displayed in Novella Agri.
    • Our editorial team will be your contact partner and will verify the quality of your reports.
    • Publish your report under your company name and increase awareness for your company or use a pseudonym for independent reporting.
    • Easily send your reports to selected addresses from the Dedere database or to your own imported addresses with the Mailmanager.
    • Draw conclusions from analysis and statistics for creating reports and for your selecting your target group.

    Please contact our support to find out more about becoming a correspondent.

  • How can I become a price reporting station?

    Become a price reporting station for Novella Agri, the innovative news and information platform of the Dedere AG. We are looking for market participants to post prices on a regular basis.

    Your advantages

    • You will be paid for posting prices.
    • Your prices will be displayed as professional charts in Novella Agri.
    • Our support team will be your contact person and will review the quality of your postings.
    • Your prices will be published anonymously.

    Please click here or contact our support to find out more about becoming a price reporting station.

  • Which advantages does a DEDERE membership have?

    In registering with DEDERE or one of our other platforms (Novella Agri, Forum Dedere, Calendarium etc.) you will automatically receive a standard membership, which is not bound by obligations. Memberships can be upgraded at any time to receive the following services:

    Bronze: The News Package

    • immediate access to up-to-date market reports
    • price chart including up to 12 years of history
    • the latest price developments for more than 750 commodities directly from the origins
    • well-structured data packages (imports and exports, global production, price development)

    Silver: The Marketing Package

    • 1,000 free emails per month in the Dedere Mailmanager
    • assessment of sent mailings (click rates, target group analysis etc.)
    • weekly overview in “Der AUDITOT” as a PDF in German
    • full access to Calendarium, the crop calendar
    • plus all advantages of the Bronze Membership

    Gold: The trading Package

    • 3,000 free emails per month in the Dedere Mailmanager
    • unlimited access to more than 30,000 addresses from the food and feed sector
    • Dedere Marketplace (anonymised offers/enquires in Dedere Emporium)
    • plus all advantages of the Bronze and Silver Memberships

    View the detailed service overview here.


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